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Google I/O Developers Conference

6 Important Announcements Made at Google I/O Developers Conference

Google I/O is a developers conference which is held annually to showcase new technologies and updates that Google is working on. This year it was held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai made a lot of announcements in this conference regarding new software, hardware and AI updates. Some of the important announcements are discussed below.

Android 8.0 – Google has released the second preview of Android 8.0 or simply known as Android O, the latest android update. The name of this latest version hasn’t been finalised yet. There are many amazing features that the users can enjoy. Some of the features are:

  • Picture-in-Picture Mode

  • Snooze Notifications for a certain time

  • Custom Shortcuts in Lock Screen

  • Notification Channels for Apps

  • New Emojis

As of now, the beta version of Android O is available for download for Google Pixel and Nexus users. Android O is most likely to launch for public in mid August and September of this year.

Google Assistant now in iPhone – Previously, iPhone had only one virtual assistant named Siri. But now, Siri has got a competition. At the Google I/O developers conference, it was announced that Google Assistant is being made available as an independent application which the users can download from Apple App Store. The primary requirement is that the iPhones need to run on iOS 9.1 or higher versions for availing Google Assistant.

Visual Positioning Service (VPS) – One of the most important announcements made at the Google I/O developers conference is the announcement of a new technology named Visual Positioning Service or VPS. VPS has the same functionalities like a GPS, the difference is that while GPS helps in locating places all around the world, VPS is used for indoor navigation. VPS is useful in finding items we are looking for inside any room or a store. Using Tango AR (augmented reality) along with an audio interface and the application of Google Lens (another important update by Google), VPS can help visually impaired people to move from one place to another with ease.

Google Lens – Another exciting update at the Google I/O developers conference was the announcement of a new technology named Google Lens. With this technology, the smartphone camera will not just be a camera for clicking pictures and taking videos but much more than that. The smartphone camera will help in identifying the object on which the camera is being pointed. For example, Google Lens can help in showing relevant information and reviews of any store at which the camera is being pointed at. Google Lens can also be used to translate different languages when we use the camera and hold in front of any word. Google Lens is going to be added in Google Assistant and users can launch Google Lens through clicking a button on the Google Assistant app.

Launch of Three Pixel Phones – Google has confirmed the launch of second generation Pixel and Pixel XL, the upgraded version of the Pixel series launched in the previous year. But there has been a lot of speculation and rumours that a third and maybe a bigger smartphone is going to be launched by Google this year. Codenamed Taimen, this smartphone is speculated to be a phablet device with the screen size bigger than that of Pixel XL.

Virtual Reality Headset – Google has collaborated with HTC and Lenovo to create a virtual reality headset using Daydream VR platform. This standalone VR headset provides excellent graphics and movement tracking without the need to be wired to a desktop or laptop or any other external devices like smartphones

These are some of the important announcements made this year at the Google I/O Developers Conference. If these updates are implemented, it will definitely prove to be more valuable to the users.

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