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Google For Jobs

A Complete Guideline on Google Posts & Google For Jobs

Google has officially rolled out an exciting new feature called Google Posts. This feature is intended to help small businesses create vast business opportunities and prospects for growth. Using Google Posts, small businesses can broadcast messages to Google My Business. The best thing about Google Post is, the messages will be automatically displayed the moment their Google My Business page surfaces in search results and Google Maps. It is a powerful tool for the entrepreneurs and small business owners to promote their products and services to a huge number of potential customers for free.

Google Posts was first introduced during Presidential Elections and then it gradually extended out to public figures and selected local businesses. It was New York based company Andrew Jewellers who used this platform first to display their product images and company updates.

Features of Google Posts:

At a first look it may seem identical with Google’s social networking site G+ but it has some exciting features that differentiate it from G+

  • Google Posts is heavily image focused with spectacular graphics, logo and cover photo

  • Google users locate the information they want more quickly on this platform

  • It is designed to offer users with more in-depth and informed search results

  • Business can host key contents and run promotion campaign for free

What is Google For Jobs-

Along with Google Posts, the search giant has also boosted its job search initiative by introducing Google For Jobs. Google’s advanced machine learning capabilities will be used in this project. The new feature employs machine learning-trained algorithms to sort and organize job listings from a range of employment sites including Monster, LinkedIn, Facebook, CareerBuilder and Glassdoor.

It will match the perfect job for the candidates from millions of job listing sites according to the candidate’s merit and preference. From entry-level to upper management, Google For Jobs will hold information on all types of jobs for everyone.

Through this program both job-seekers as well as for recruiters will get immensely benefited. Google has simplified the entire job seeking process by removing difficulties and complex process most of the job site has. Google For Jobs is a fantastic initiative by Google to aid job-seekers finding perfect place to show their talent and worth along with earning their desired salary.

For the primary stage Google For Jobs will only be available in the United States, then depending on its success Google will expend the service to other countries. In this new venture, rather than competing with other job listing portals, Google has collaborated with them to address talent shortages by connecting job seekers with the right employers.

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