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LinkedIn Video Creation

All You Need to Know About LinkedIn’s Latest Video Creation Feature

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter largely help people to have some light moment and killing time. But LinkedIn comes with a different approach and opened up new business prospects of greater utility and substance. There are so many incredible features to LinkedIn that you can leverage for your business and that can work effectively for you.

In its effort to make it more advance and useful, the social networking giant has come up with a video creation tool within its mobile app. Using this feature, users can upload a video to the site, via LinkedIn’s iOS or Android mobile app. Users will be able to take and upload videos with LinkedIn’s updated in-app camera or upload clips from their phone’s camera roll. Although the new feature is available to a handful of users and publishers, LinkedIn will eventually make it available for everyone in the coming months.

Fabulous features of this new video creation tool-
According to the LinkedIn’s announcement email, "Some stories are better shown than told. Video allows you to evoke emotion, transport viewers, teach something or share some incredible piece of insight when words and images alone aren't enough." Twitter and Facebook have leveraged the full benefits of integrating video option to their site. From the very beginning, Snapchat put video at the core of its service. All these companies have remarkably use the human propensity of getting attracted to a moving thing more than a static one. How LinkedIn could lag behind. Videos greatly enhance the user engagement and driving more traffic.

  • For users with access to the feature, you can find a little movie recording icon just to the left of the camera icon that has always been there. Click that, give LinkedIn access to your phone's microphone, and start recording. When you're done, just hit "Next" and the video will show up as an attachment in a new post.

  • Video creators will have access to viewership analytics, including one unique business-minded metric. In addition to the standard analytics suite of views, likes, and shares, LinkedIn is also giving details about specific viewers, with information on where they work and their roles.

  • These videos can last up to 10 minutes, though LinkedIn recommends a shorter length ranging between 30 seconds and five minutes. As with LinkedIn’s pre-existing in-feed videos, user-uploaded clips will play automatically with sound off, and it will be possible to turn off auto-playing in account settings.

  • LinkedIn will give people information about their viewers like the companies where they work and their job titles.

LinkedIn is different than other social networking sites in that it's designed solely for the purpose of professional networking. The video-sharing option appears to be pretty standard. But like most things with LinkedIn, it has a unique business twist.

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