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Avoid these 4 Development Errors to Make Your App Instant Hit

Mobile apps are dominating the world right now and they are changing the way millions of consumers go about their daily lives. Apps have become an important marketing tool for the businesses of all sizes. Everyone around is interested in learning about how to create the most engaging, top-selling mobile app, and achieving immediate success in this field. But if you take a closer look, it is quite easy to find out that there are very few apps that are successful in the digital arena.

When an app idea goes wrong and becomes ineffective, it’s a complete waste of time along with a financial blow. Sometimes, bad things happen to good apps also. But for the most part, a little foresight can prevent app snags like store rejections, poor sales, and sneaky malware.

During development and design, be sure to avoid the following errors:

Not giving enough importance to user requirements- It cannot get any worse than a user discovering that the app they just downloaded not only fails to serve their purpose but is also miles away from their expectations. The mobile user has different expectations than the one on the web. The mobile experience needs to be self-describing and intuitive. While the online user may put up with poor user experience and design, a mobile user will quickly give up on your app if it’s too difficult to use. If you don’t carefully consider these factors in your user experience, you’ll find that users simply give up.

Ignoring Cross-Platform App Development- If your app is present only on a single mobile platform then you are not reaching more than half of your target audience. The most popular mobile platforms are iOS and Android. Windows and BlackBerry OS are also following the trail. While designing a mobile app for your business, you have to ensure that it is built on cross platforms. It’s better to finalize an app on iOS and have a couple of iterations before porting it to Android (or vice versa).

Copy the Features from another app- You should not look at a direct copy to features from the other app. App developers often get request by their clients to copy the feature of another app. There is no harm to imitate a good feature or functionality of an app, but building a clone of another app is not a clever choice. In this crowded digital market, apps that are simply carbon copies of other apps won’t survive. Try to put some innovative ideas of your own. You could consult with the app development company for giving you ideas.

Overlooking mobile app marketing- It has been observed that even the most useful and fabulously designed apps are not getting the attention they deserve. The reason is ignoring the proper marketing of the app to make it popular. With so many apps on the market, it may seem hopeless for individuals or small businesses who are looking to make their mark on the mobile world. Without a well-defined marketing strategy you can’t expect to reach your target audience. You need to create hype and buzz about your app. Engage digital marketing specialists to do the job for you.

Considering the amount of time and money you’re going to put into building your app, you want to make sure there’s a demand for it. If you feel like there is something to be done in a specific niche market, start brainstorming on the idea and define what feature your app should be built around. By keeping the ideas furnished in the blog you can easily avoid costly mistakes and make your app instant HIT.

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