OCTYPE html> Bringing the World Closer for the Global Citizens through Google’s iOS App Updates
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Google’s iOS App Updates

Bringing the World Closer for the Global Citizens through Google’s iOS App Updates

Google’s iOS app comes with a host of new features making the user experience even better. When it comes to technological expansion, no one can beat these two giants. While the experts are of the view that the updates are fairly significant, the users are simply happy to express their satisfaction and excitement regarding this update. Though it is still waiting to reach out to a larger mass of people, yet it still has reached out to a lot already.

World of Difference in Video Watching

One of the most significant updates is the Native YouTube Support which makes video watching on the app much simpler and easier. For video lovers, this is extremely good news because it integrates video watching within the updated app and viewers won’t have to visit YouTube app separately. Typing a particular search regarding a video will generate several search results in the front page among which you can tap on a single on according to your choice which will download instantly. This makes a world of difference in terms of time and overall viewer experience.

However, there is an exception in this feature. If anyone searches for a particular video from the ‘Videos’ tab, he might have to face some inconvenience. The video from here will not open inside the tab. YouTube is required to open this tab. All in all, it appears that only the front page search results can be opened within the Native support app.

Hotel Search Simplified

The update does not leave out the travel and entertainment segment. It not only works on an updated video searching process but also on an updated hotel search facility. Now you can ask, what is new in this section? Well, the hotel search will also show up booking information and rates along with hotel names and locations which appears in normal search. These features have of course made it more convenient for the visitors because they are finding all the relevant information under one roof. Thank God!

Comprehensive Restaurant Search

For a more comprehensive and complete search on the viewer’s part, Google’s iOS app has renovated the restaurant search feature and added a new section in the form of ‘Menu’. This again has made restaurant selection easier for the users because it helps streamline the restaurant based on location, price and cuisines. Visiting a separate page has become completely redundant.

Among all of these, there is also a surprise feature lurking in the repertoire of Google’s iOS app. This unannounced feature is the Gboard. Yes, the users will be able to use Google’s keyboard known as the Gboard which is fun for some and problematic for others. Fun because it is user friendly and problematic because people are used to using the existing keyboard. This must be manually done in case you want to use it. Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Add New Keyboard>select Google. This has also made work easier for the users because Gboard is now available inside the Google app.

All this integration has obviously made operation lot easier on the mobile application. With a single click or rather tab you can now access more information that you could earlier. Though these updates still have certain limitations, yet they are largely helpful for users as they can get all the information under single categories. Enjoy people!

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