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Five Fantastic Instagram Tools For E-Commerce Businesses

In spite of being the most popular social media platform, Facebook is not quite the sound medium to market your e-commerce business. It is the visual contents that are getting immense attention by the users all over the world, so what could be a better platform other than Instagram to get your e-commerce business a fantastic start. New apps pop up all the time, but Instagram remains a must-have in a brand’s social arsenal.

Data revealed by the TrackMaven showed that brands are getting optimum attention and high user engagement on Instagram. This platform could be used for gaining instant recognition and fame with a more engaged audience. There are over fifty-five million photos shared on Instagram every day which is another excellent reason why your business needs to utilise this platform.

Let’s check out five stunning Instagram tools for e-commerce

1. Collect and amplify Instagram photos with Yotpo-

According to the social media marketing services experts, no matter how cool your company’s Instagram content may be, consumers don’t always trust brand photos. They trust their peers. Yotpo helps big e-Commerce businesses generate tons of reviews, photos, and other user-generated content and use them to drive qualified traffic, increase conversion rate & boost sales.

Yotpo's basic version is free, while premium features, are available at additional cost. As a business owner or marketer, you can use Yotpo’s moderation tools to search for images relevant to your brand and automatically ask the original poster for permission to add their visuals to your collections.

2. Improve your account management with Statigram-

Statigram is a web-based management tool for Instagram. In addition to providing detailed analytics, it equips you with a faster and better way of interacting with a lot of content shared on Instagram at the same time. Of course you can use the Instagram web browser, but this tool provides more useful functionality.

What Statigram does:

  • Churns your stats into really cool infographics ‘about us’

  • It even has photo printing capabilities

  • Timelines on our usage patterns and filters

  • It shows who we interact with the most

  • Allows us to send private messages to followers

  • It provides statistics on your Instagram feed

  • Details on our tag patterns

Moreover, Statigram gives you a list of the current top 100 Instagram hashtags. Use at least one of those in each of your posts.

3. Make use of Wishpond’s Hashtag Contest-

For keeping your existing customers happy and building up a new client base, Instagram contests could prove really useful. With millions of user-submitted photos sometimes it becomes really difficult and time taking to manage a contest. Wishpond’s Hashtag Contest App makes it really simple to conduct, analyze and manage fabulous Instagram contests.

Using your official Instagram account you simply need to assign a particular hashtag for the app to track. The app will automatically gather posts that have used that specific hashtag.

Wishpond’s Hashtag Contest app comes with a real-time analytics feature. It enables you to identify the performing level of your contest in real-time.

4. Grow your Instagram following with Iconosquare-

Iconosquare is a trusty Instagram analytics platform. The tool is easy to use and provides you with all the useful reports you need to manage a successful Instagram account. This tool displays a list of all your most recent comments, allowing you to interact with your fans and followers in a fraction of the time it would take using the mobile app.

  • Iconosquare helps you to properly measure your follow growth

  • It can be used as a comprehensive analytics platform to analyze the real-time performance of your Instagram posts

  • Gives a complete info about the location of your followers

  • Offers you an idea how each filter and hashtag you use are influencing your engagement rate

5. Clean up your Instagram account with Crowdfire-

Crowdfire is an app that is also available for desktop that can help you totally change your social media following and followers. This app makes it really easy to grow and manage your following on Instagram.

Key features of Crowdfire:

  • Easily follow users who follow Instagram accounts that you specify

  • Get a list of any new followers you receive

  • Develop, clear up and strategically target new followers

  • Quickly unfollow users that do not follow you back

Because e-commerce is a relationship between a company and its customers and whether you like it or not social media makes that relationship closer than ever before. People want to watch the latest videos of your products, read and write reviews, and interact with other customers. That’s all part of the new experience on how to make customers happy and feeling engaged.

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