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Follow Button & Dictionary Search Box the Two Latest Additions of Google

Google has added an interesting new feature called “Follow” to their Google search results. Through this feature user can easily follow the special topic of their interest, get updated stories related to that topic and other exciting information.

Addition of Follow button-

There is an option of tapping a “Follow” button after searching a certain topic of your choice like politics, music, sports events or teams, television shows, celebrities. Google says it’s smartened up its feed feature with more improved machine learning algorithms that are now better at figuring out what you might be interested in after completing a search request.

Apart from specifying stories around manually and algorithmically selected topics of interest, the new feature will also highlight the existing trend of that topic in your area and all around the world. According to the market experts, this new feature is more capable of anticipating what an individual may find interest in and supply the related news.

If you find the supplied suggestions irrelevant to you then by quick tap you can unfollow it, as simple as that. Google will offer searchers news stories from multiple viewpoints, from a variety of sources from diverse perspectives.

The US based users can take the advantage of this new feature by opening the Google app from their iOS and Android apps and within a couple of days the international roll out is expected.

Addition of a search box to dictionary cards in search results-

Through the addition of search box to dictionary cards, Google makes it really simple and convenient to looking up words without having to conduct a whole new search. This feature has been experienced by the users off and on but now the company has decided to roll it out on the permanent basis to all definition searches.

The dictionary search box can be located on the mobile, desktop, Android and iOS applications. The feature is quite identical to Google’s main search bar, it will automatically generate recommendations while words are typed on the search box.

The idea behind introducing this feature is to curb the time consumed during searching. It is a simple addition yet an effective one.

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