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iOS 11

Future Prospects & Security-Related Issues of iOS 11

After its release in the year 2007, Apple’s smartphones have received huge popularity all over the world. With over 800 million Apple iOS devices in the world, it becomes really important to deal with the security the data on both personal and organization owned phones and tablets. Apple has released a second iOS 11 beta 2 build labelled 15A5304j following 15A5304i. Apple’s iOS 11 will bring a range of improvements to iOS-using enterprises and it is jam-packed with a tons of features, enough to be packed into our 100+ new features videos. CSO of Blancco Technology Group, Mr. Richard Stiennon have given his in-depth view on the future and security-related issues of iOS 11.

According to Stiennon, the iPad is becoming increasingly powerful with each new generation and Apple is getting closer to bring iPad as a formidable replacement for a laptop. An iPad is much cheaper than a laptop and carrying it is much easier, faster and convenient for a lot of day-to-day work. Apple wants to give a fitting reply to Microsoft and other companies who are bringing in tablet and laptop hybrids in the market.

When asked about the future of iPhone 5 and 5C, Stiennon said, in the middle of the current iOS 11 release, Apple is cutting support for the iPhone 5 and 5c phones. The software updates and security fixes with iOS 11 will no longer support iPhone 5 and 5C models. The news is the result of Apple's decision to end support for devices and apps using 32-bit processors. Apple has been making devices with 64-bit processors rather than 32-bit processors since 2013, when it introduced them with the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air. Apps that only run in 32-bit will not show up in search results in the new version of the App Store, or be available from the Purchased tab if they have been downloaded previously.

Stiennon advised the users and the mobile application developers not upgrade their phones immediately just after the release of the new upgrade option. It is better to take time before installing it to your device. When a new version of iOS is launched try to identify the pros and cons first by doing a bit of research and update your phone. You could judge the suitability of the new update.

The current "Storage & iCloud Usage" option within the iPhone's settings will be renamed "iPhone Storage" in iOS 11.Within that menu is an innocuous-looking option called "Offload Unused Apps," with an Enable option. Apple's menu description says, "Automatically offload unused apps when you're low on storage.

On the safety related issues of using iMessage for transferring money, Stiennon is of the view that the growing popularity of virtual Apple Pay card will allure criminals to make it a prime target. Apple should give prime importance for ensuring the top-notch security of all the transaction performed through iMessage.

Stiennon warned non-technical persons from downloading the beta version of iOS 11. His advice is to wait and watch. Before downloading it, give the update ample time to increase its accessibility.

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