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Extremist Contents On YouTube

Google’s Four-Step Initiative To Curb The Circulation Of Extremist Contents On YouTube

Social media platforms and video sharing sites are trying hard to come out with a strategy to curb the publication of contents that are promoting violent extremism and terrorist propaganda. The recent attacks on the UK and other major European countries have led the leading IT companies to take more effective measures to combat terror-related contents from publishing and circulating. In the battle against terrorism, Alphabet Inc's Google has announced it will enforce four new steps to identify, monitor and remove terrorist or violent extremist content on its video sharing platform YouTube.

Step 1- The company will engage more engineering resources to pinpoint terrorist-related content on the YouTube. Along with this Google is trying to make it tougher to spot videos containing supremacist content with inflammatory religious undertone. The company is developing artificial intelligence software and video analysis technology to identify and remove extremist content. They are applying advanced machine learning research to train new "content classifiers".

Step 2- The company is also increasing and boosting its pool of independent experts in YouTube's trusted Flagger program. Along with the artificial intelligence of the machines, Google is also involving human experts to review contents that do not obey YouTube’s community guidelines. Fifty expert NGO’s from the sixty-three organizations will work for this project and Google will provide all the necessary operational grants to them.

Step 3- Google will take a harder line on videos that do not quite violate YouTube's policies. These videos won’t be removed but will appear behind an interstitial warning and will not be monetised. These videos will not be able draw comments, ad revenue and user endorsements.

Step 4- In its bid to counter radicalization efforts, YouTube is working with Jigsaw a company behind "The Redirect Method". It will utilize ad targeting to send potential ISIS recruits to anti-terrorist videos, which could change their mind about joining extremist organizations. It will influence them not to become associated with any terror group.

Combating terror-related postings, messages, contents, and videos online is a challenging task but Google’s effort to minimize this evil practice is appreciated all over the world and will encourage other tech companies to adopt comprehensive approach on the circulation of extremist contents. Being one of the finest companies in the world it is quite obvious that Google will try to contribute in a positive way to curb the menace of terrorism and religious fanaticism.

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