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Google’s Latest Update Resulting in Improved Search Engine Optimization

Google makes changes every now and then. To be more precise, they make updates which affect the entire search engine industry. Of late, Google algorithm was updated and Webmasters reacted to that update to which John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trend Analyst reminded the entire fraternity of the changes Google keeps making to benefit the entire SEO industry.

With the evolution of search procedure, dips and swings in search engine ranks is the most natural occurrence. If anyone hopes that the search engine procedure will remain the same and the ranks will be permanent, that will be a daydream. Even after all, Google has to reiterate every now and then that the changes in Google’s function occurs on a daily-basis.

Gary Illyes, from Google expressed similar sentiments when he tweeted on the popular platform that Google often has 3 updates on an average per day. Thus, everyone should expect the algorithms to function on changed updates and that it is expected. However, the funny part is that, webmasters assume that there has been some change every alternate day due to Google’s habit of changing.

Gary Illyes also added with some humor that from now on, all the updates will be known as “Fred” unless stated otherwise. However, he also hopes that the search engine optimization industry does not take the name too seriously and start using it for naming the updates in order. Those webmasters who have done their careful research believe that the recent updates result from low quality inbound links.

If this is actually the case, then Google recommends a remedy, which is to remove all the links naturally. However, if the inventory of low quality inbound links is large, then it will difficult to remove each of them individually. Then logically, the next step will be to disavow backlinks. Backlinks determine the quality of a particular website. Thus, a search engine optimizer must work hard to build up backlinks which are high quality. Google is particular about reducing the negative impact on a website through third-party site activities. Thus, spammy links must be removed or else Google will do that.

If you have already removed as many as you can, yet there is a large inventory, then you have to begin disavowing the backlinks. This means, you have to ask Google not to evaluate your website based on those spammy links. However, his is an advanced feature which should be used discretely. If done casually, this will harm your website’s rank on SERP. Be wise in disavowing backlinks.

The Process to Disavow Links

There is a simple process to disavow spammy backlinks. The process is:

  • Download the list of links to your website.

  • Create a file containing those links and upload it to Google asking to take action.

With Google’s updates to stress on quality backlink generation, webmasters have to be more careful while working with their websites as well as with generation of inbound links. Otherwise, the only option will be to disavow them which will save them.

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