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How ASO Accelerates App Discoverability & Downloads

With the increasing number of apps included each and every day in the major app store platforms, it is getting really challenging for the app owners to make their app stand out from the crowd. Along with giving proper emphasis on the development part, you need to give enough focus on its appropriate marketing and promotion. The market is so competitive that as an app publisher you need to adopt an effective marketing strategy for your app as early as it goes live or sometime before it goes live.

This where App Store Optimization or ASO comes into play. But a good understanding of the ASO is important to make the most out of it. Before going to a digital marketing company for taking ASO service, having a bit of knowledge about the process may prove really vital in terms of making marketing firm fully explain what exactly you want, and they could identify how best they can serve you in fulfilling your expectation.

Understanding the App Store Optimization Process-

Quite similar to the SEO, where a certain website is promoted to the major search engines, ASO promoted the app. It brings you free organic downloads from users who are browsing the app store searching for specific words within the app store. The primary aim of the process is to increase visibility that tends to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store so that it higher the number of downloads. Optimization Keywords and Optimizing your app store creatives are the two most vital aspects of App Store Optimization.

  • Optimizing your app store keywords: It is an amazing way to expedite the discoverability of your app in app store search results. Keywords play an important role in ASO because good use of keywords can land you into a lot more searches, which opens up a huge amount of potential downloads.
  • Optimizing your app store creatives: It aids you enhance install conversions for organic users and ones coming through paid acquisition channels. Once, you have chosen the keywords successfully; you have to make sure that you customize your content easily. You really have to create as well as distribute valuable and relevant content, which attracts as well as engages the well-defined audience.

Effective aspects of ASO-

By reaching the App Store's top charts, you are ensuring that the app remains visible to the users and more potential customers are downloading it. The goal of App Store Optimization is not only generating traffic in the app-page but also ensuring your app could be easily find out by the users when they put specific keywords. The effectiveness of ASO reaches such an extent where people will not only visit the app page but continue to install your app and use it on a regular basis and it will boost your conversion.

Why it is Good to let the ASO done by the Experts-

App Store Optimization is a complicated process that cannot be conducted by anyone. There needs a strategy, process, planning and flawless implementation of everything. That’s why it is better to leave the entire thing to the ASO experts while you can focus on your core business.

When your app appears top in the search results in the app store, it will be more noticeable to potential customers. So, be a smart app owner and start thinking about ASO right now.

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