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Visual Search in E-commerce

How Visual Search Can Revolutionize E-Commerce Industry

Visual search is an emerging technology that lets you upload or with the right tools, simply look at an object and scan the Internet for more information about it. Visual search allows users to find items according to the image they prefer. There is a tremendous possibility that this type of searching will revolutionize e-commerce industry.

Search engine optimization specialists say visual search is not an entirely new concept. Companies such as Google, Bing and Microsoft has introduced it a long time ago but the earlier technology was not that sophisticated and accurate as it is now. The first product to really make use of this technology was ‘Google Goggles’. Released in 2010, it offered some fairly basic image-recognition capabilities. It could register unique objects like books, barcodes, art and landmarks, and provide additional information about them. CamFind took the next step, offering an app where users could take photos of any object and see additional information alongside shopping results.

How visual search works?
It works by comparing the pixels in imagery to identify and return results that are similar. Instead of typing in a keyword which will return thousands of general results, users can upload an image to help narrow it down to something much more specific. It takes image as its query rather than words and try to find the identical results that are more precise than a word-based search.

How can visual search help e-commerce industry?
Human brain responds better to visual stimuli and voice than to having to describe complex ideas in words. Customers and e-commerce retailers find it difficult to search specific products using a text inquiry. Especially when a user will have less information about a certain product or is unable to describe it using a keyword. The aim of visual search is to change the way we look for products or queries online. The rise of mobile computing has made it natural for the users to take a photo and transfer it anywhere.

Retailers can benefit by implementing visual search and enabling the consumers to upload a photo and easily search for a product and then buy it. The query image can be uploaded or inserted via an URL. The results return visually similar items in the product catalog based on attributes such as color, shape, patterns and more. Along with the PPC search marketing, integrating a visual search option in an e-commerce website is a great way to entice a huge amount of customer.

Technologies such as Bing Visual Search, Google Lens and Pinterest Lens are indicative of a future where most of the search will be done based on image and will greatly solidify conversion rate optimization. Visual search helps people to identify, locate and shop far more comfortably. And the advancement of the visual search technology is making it even more perfect and streamlined.

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