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Ingenious Ways to Enhanced Web Designing in Current Times

Website designing is a broad field and like every other field, it also has some trend setters who use certain innovative methods to set new trends. Some of the trends catch up soon while others take a little more time for the designers. Once, these trends are adopted by the industry, they become part of the industry practice which leads to the popularity of these trends. Some of the web design trends for 2017 include:

  • Content Driven Layout- This kind of website designing layout helps to bring the content to the foreground. The structure is such that it concentrates on pushing the message of the content to the readers. Moreover, it does not slow down the speed of the reading. It is deemed an amazing revolution.

  • Relationship Between Designers and Developers- Designing has become extremely important thus laying importance on maintaining a good relationship among designers and also among developers and designers. The reason behind this trend is that more complex websites are found on the Internet and also the presence of complicated mobile apps has increased from beforehand. Better communication and collaboration is required for bigger things to be executed.

  • Enhanced Workflow- Website designing has become more dynamic and gained sophistication with prototyping tools. Such designs improves dev team agility and feedback loop design thus reducing frustration. Designers such prototypes find it easy to handle clients as well. Designers are bringing ideas to life quickly so that each and every one can have a great experience with immediate effect.

  • Statement Designs- Website designs have become content dependent thus they are featuring resonant lines that inspire copy set in type which is bold as the content itself. Highlighting the most important descriptive statement regarding product and service is its motto.

  • Combining Graphic and Web Designs- The root of web design is in graphic design and thus, the evolution of graphic design has influenced web design. The new challenge is to find out how the new rules function in responsive design layout.

  • SVG Onslaught- SVG (scalable vector graphics) onslaught is assisting designers to derive benefits over using traditional image formats such as GIF, PNG and JPG. SVGs are independent of resolution thus making them appear great on screen. Moreover, they do not require HTTP requests either.

  • Constraints- This terms functions in contrast to its literal meaning. Constraint based design tools help to make designs responsive. Figma for instance, reduces the amount of repeated work designers perform to build cross-device layouts.

  • Bright and Bold Color- Bright and bold colors have replaced the pastel ones in web designing. However, the colors seem absolutely naturally blended and not garish.

  • Animation-based Designs- An abundance of visual tools are leading designers to prepare animations that engage users more and more on a daily basis. The animations have also become more refined.

  • One-of-a-Kind Layout- Such layouts are combining graphical and typographical elements breaking the grid. A number of unique changes have taken place.

  • Flexbox- This is a relatively new CSS layout module which provides unbelievable responsive-friendliness. It can be used by designers to manipulate objects with various tools on the platform. Simply use it with every modern browser.

  • Improved CSS Grid Layouts- Grid is primary CSS module used particularly to solve layout issues. Vertical centering has been solved using the complex grid system. Used initially for full-page layouts, flexbox can rearrange content for different media platforms.

  • Personalization of Content Delivery- Content delivery by personalizing it is in. In fact, content is served depending on demographics, context and behavior as well. Conversion also increases with personalization of content.

  • Conversation-Oriented- Bots will increase in 2017. More interest in human language will develop along with enhanced capacity of writers and strategists. Increase in creative communities as well as UX designs will be the trend in 2017.

  • Stop Spreading Misinformation- Practical methods and monetary methods proposed by huge companies will provide the most scalable and effective ways. Controlling the spread of misinformation is left up to the designers.

  • Varied Aspects of Design- Shift in helpfulness, humanization and brand has taken place to untangle the designer blogs with flair. Incorporating will increase with time for more blogs.

  • Virtual Reality- This is the biggest reality now. Some browsers may need more time to be ready. However, this is the biggest reality.

  • Dramatically Different Coding- Coding will appear different in future and also the line between designing and development has blurred in time. Different coding will work for iterative and fast product development. Designs have increased for code-free tools as well.

All these trends are interesting and important for enhancing the web designing experience for designers. The impact of these new web designing trends will greatly boost user-base. Developers as well as users, both can get benefited by these unique trends.

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