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Interesting Web Development Trends To Keep an Eye in 2017

The world wide web or the Internet has become an integral part of our lives in the modern times. We use it for almost all the activities right from reading news to shopping for essentials. The demand for web development talent pool is ever increasing and the scope for developers has also increased. With the beginning of 2017 there are lot more in store for us. Here are some important trends of 2017 that all of us including the web developers could look up to.

  • Artificial Intelligence- AI or artificial intelligence is one of the most significant trends of 2017. The field has advanced a lot last year and hence holds lot of promise this year. Some of the biggest players in the IT world like Microsoft, Google and Facebook are launching their AI to be used by the public. It is already in use for Wikipedia where it identifies inaccuracy in articles. With easy access to AI the developers are expected to use it in new ways. In fact, AI will be able to create an aesthetic website for anyone just by asking questions on content, layout and brands. It will base the pre-programed algorithms on the answers and create an interactive website for the client.

  • Virtual Reality- Virtual reality or VR is definitely the ‘in’ thing nowadays. It is the future of technology and has already taken the gaming industry off its feet. Big shot companies like Mozilla and Google are working on APIs to aid in VR technology transition the web. More number of applications will be developed using VR techniques day by day.

  • IOT- IoT or Internet of Things is a phenomenon wherein typically data that is not connected to Internet will be given network access and link to send and receive data. These objects have a wide and varied range; almost anything you can think of. This will help develop applications which will use, analyze and display the data of any device. Though this will provide loads of opportunities and open new doors, yet doubts have been raised particularly in terms of security.

  • Angular 2 and Beyond- Google’s front-end JavaScript framework had been entirely redesigned with the release of Angular 2. Applications are now developed in TypeScript using JavaScript ES6’s features. Development has now moved to a more component driven structure. Angular has a more defined and regular release schedule every 6 months which implies that many more changes will take place.

  • Rails 5- Rails 5 will grow rapidly popular by 2017 and comes with intriguing additions for web development services. Rail stack facilitates developers to create Single Page like apps. This occurs by fetching full HTML pages and replacing the content with the requirement for client-side JavaScript framework. Rails 5 also merged popular rails_api gem into code base. Developers can easily create API only applications in Rails and attach them to their favorite JavaScript or native frameworks.

  • Static Website Generators- Static website generators generate website from plain text generally stored in files and not in databases. These websites have no real time content or user content. These are mandatory on web today. As APIs and Content Delivery Networks are becoming more and more the way of web world, it is making templates and content be deployed. Many developers are of the idea that these generators will change this year.

  • Web Design Evolution- It is an exciting time for web developers. Interactive interfaces will become the norm of the day. Along with this, bolder typography will become more prominent and people will engage in more ways than one to websites.

The web is certainly an interesting place and lot is happening on the designing front to be kept an eye for. methods are changing, evolving as well as adapting. Designers and developers who can adapt to these changes will be able to create innovative applications for future and advanced Internet users.

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