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Major Mobile App Development Challenges Faced by the Developers

As the data plans are getting cheaper and more affordable all over the globe, the web traffic coming from mobile devices is expected observe steady growth year by year. More than half of the world’s internet traffic comes from the various hand-held devices. A research conducted on the mobile application development services shows that in the past three years, a million mobile applications have been submitted to Apple and Android app stores. This number shows how important mobile apps have become for business.

Along with the huge demand for developing apps for various businesses, there are several challenges faced by developers every time they start working on a new mobile app.

Creating apps which get noticed: There’s immense competition in the mobile app market and honestly, it’s very crowded. Thus, there’s a constant pressure to create apps which get noticed. After all, you don’t want to get lost.

Making battery efficient apps: While Facebook and Spotify are among the most popular apps, they are also the biggest battery guzzlers. According to the professionals of mobile application development, battery life is a major complaint with all avid smartphone users. So unless lithium ion batteries give way to something better, app developers are stuck with the challenge of developing an app that consumes minimal battery.

Hiring the right team: Hiring competent mobile app developers can be tricky. For many organizations, mobile is a new capability, so whether you want to develop an employee-facing or customer-facing enterprise apps, it is essential that you hire a right team that can meet your requirements. As the competencies, can be quite different among experts, so you should go with one such team that comprehends your requirements in detail and ready to deliver your desired solution.

Security: It is the security that is going to be the major challenge for developing apps. Unsurprisingly, mobile-oriented security needs require specialized expertise much the same as mobile app development does, presenting a number of unique challenges. Data encryption, certificate underpinning, and strong authentication measures are the important factors to be considered properly.

Funding: Another commonly faced challenge for building an application is money. It is very important to have a fair idea of the overall cost associated with your mobile app. It is not a one-time investment. Your app needs money for any future value addition.

Device compatibility and screen size: Every business wishes to convey an impressive first impression to their end users. After all, the future of the app depends on how much your end users liked it. Device compatibility is perhaps the most important factor for a mobile app.

Gone are the days when the user expectations were just confined to the functionality of the mobile application development. Internal and external users have high expectations for usability as well as functionality. User experience and ease of use are the critical criteria that determine the success of your development project.

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