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iOS 10.3 Beta

Mobile App Development is Altered by Recent Release of 5th Developer Beta

Apple released the 5th betas of iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 of late. Mobile app developers will be able to download and test these Operating Systems soon after their release. The latest iOS 10.3 beta with build number 14E5269a consists of a new “Find My AirPods”, which is a migration to APFS and also a new “reviews API” that controls how often the app can seek user ratings on the APP Store. This is not all. There are other inclusions as well like an updated iCloud-connected device calling for Verizon customers and also a “floating one-handed keyboard” for iPad users. The mobile app development services are benefiting with these changes and updates.

Apple has a way to put the disadvantages forward which makes the user aware of what they will get and what not. These updates will slow down the device like in iOS 10.2, all 10.3 beta releases alert the users that an upcoming version of iOS will cause drop support for 32-bit apps on the whole. Though the gadget manufacturing giant has not clarified anything on which version will face the issues, yet it is anticipated that iOS 11 will be at the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) 2017.

A new theater mode has been incorporated with the watchOS 3.2 betas facilitating users of the device to prevent from turning on the screen automatically when the user’s wrist is moved without turning off the device entirely. The build number on the 5th watchOD beta is 14V5253a. Although Apple has drawn a great deal of attention to the iOS and watchOS, the tvOS seems to lag behind in this department. However, the betas have added certain features that are beneficial like accelerated scrolling has been added along with support for the Device Enrollment Program. Wider mobile device management or MDM alternatives can also be accessed according to Apple notes.

The full tvOS 10.2 release is anticipated to implement support for the VideoToolbox framework, which lets users have direct access into the hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding features. The framework already exists in the present iOS and macOS. The build number on the latest beta is 14W5260a. Wednesday’s release follows the debut of the 5th beta for macOS Sierra 10.12.4 on Tuesday. Along with these releases, the 4th beta of Xcode 8.3 was also released including support for all the new technical features in the betas.

Mobile app developers can update to the newest beta releases utilizing the software update feature for iOS. The updated thing can also be accessed from the Mac App Store with registered hardware. Those enthusiastic about testing beta software prior to wide release can sign up for the program offer by Apple through the company’s official website. These latest developments have not really taken the industry by storm but have influenced it heavily. However, the pros and cons will be understood and realized only after sometime, after developers access the entire updates and uses them. The world awaits to find out the consequence until then.

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