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Video Features on Facebook

New Video Features on Facebook Aiding in Social Media Optimization

Facebook- the most popular social medium existing in current times introduces certain changes all the time to provide better user experience to the members, non-members and potential members. The latest block in the building are the modifications made to video watching on Facebook using the smartphone platform. This modification affects video watching on News Feeds particularly. It features automatic sound in the videos. However, there have been 4 changes and not one which means that users are going to reap even more benefits from the Facebook administrator now. The announcement was made on 14th February, 2017.

News Feed Videos are Audible Now

Until now, the videos on News Feed section on Facebook played silently like the films of the silent era. You had to tap on a video to hear the sound. But, now Facebook is going to make the sounds loud and clear. Facebook official corroborated the fact by saying that people using smartphones expect to hear the sound on the video when the sound feature on their phones is turned on.

Now, you can ask, who these people are. These the same people whose feedback was taken before incorporating this feature into Facebook. Yes, they were made to hear the sound of the video appearing in the News Feed. The feedback was positive and hence Facebook chose to retain that for future use. As stated by Facebook- this update gradually enables sound to fade in and out as one scroll through the video on the News Feed bringing those video alive.

Could this be a cause for annoyance in many people? Well, it could be so.

Keeping this factor in mind, an additional feature of turning off the sound is also provided within the video. However, Facebook does it backwards, as is usual for them. Instead of turning on the sound, watchers have to turn off the sound by visiting settings on Facebook. Blame it on their default feature. Also note that, if your phone is silent, the video will also appear muted.

Altered Format for Video Watching

The format for video watching has also been altered. Now, videos can be watched in the vertical format which will easily cover the full screen whenever the user wants. This ensures full user experience while watching it. This is applicable on both iOS and Android platforms. Also, a new progress bar and thumbnail for full screen have been added for easy access to the users.


The picture-in-picture device enables viewers to watch video even outside the Facebook app while using an Android device. Moreover, you can watch videos on News Feed section as you scroll through the page and you do not have to go anywhere else. The ‘like’ symbol will depict a number of things here. It denotes permanent watcher of videos while browsing through the News Feed on Facebook. The video will keep playing even after you have dragged and dropped it into a corner by minimizing it.

Facebook Video App for TV- Brand New Feature

Facebook now has you covered if you want to watch your favorite song or action sequence on pixelated dashcam format. This particular video app will be available in the app stores for Samsung Smart TV, Amazon fire TV and Apple TV. According to Facebook, loyal followers and surfers will be able to watch top live videos from around the world, recommended videos based on viewer interest and also videos shared by friends or Pages you like and follow. Also, you can watch videos saved for watching later on while also watching revisiting your favorite videos which have been watched, shared and uploaded.

All these new features regarding video watching on Facebook are providing an awesome video watching experience for the viewers. This ever popular social medium is becoming even more famous day by day by incorporating such features which make users happy.

Benefits of these Features in SMO Services

These features have created a new wave of video watching on Facebook which is also benefiting the SMO service providers. Facebook is an important part of social media optimization, and these features are helping it to make the most of the facilities. The audio visual medium is always the best medium to create an impact on the viewer regarding a product or service. People desiring to promote their products on Facebook can make the most out of the video watching feature on Facebook. Video is mobile thus attracting viewers easily to watch the USP of the products or services offered to them in the video format. Moreover, recent studies show that videos are shared much more than any other piece of information on the social media thus helping in the promotion of the products.

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