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Recent Social Media Updates will Engage More Users by Providing Better Value

Social media is always active, and bustling with changes. Whether you call them changes or updates, the gist is that it is dynamic and keeps on changing according to public demands and change in time. Social media in order to remain active has to be updated from time to time. With updated versions these can not only help in engaging active users and build that list but also help in promoting various kinds of businesses. 5 of the major social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook have undergone some major changes since the end of last year which are providing more value to their users. Some of these social media updates are really interesting and engaging.

Changes in Facebook

Facebook has just updated it tools to combat fake news. There will be a red warning sign to indicate disputed content on Facebook. This was done to curtail the tenacity of users sharing fake or disputed content. This indicator will appear directly at the end of the story below the link. Users can click on the alert which will open a popup stating that the article posted is disputed. Also, before sharing a story, you will receive a warning message alerting you on the accuracy of the facts. This will help the fact-checking sites to receive an increased traffic. However, the effectiveness of the system is yet to be found out.

The algorithm of Facebook is rewarding posts that receive more Reactions than just Likes. The more Reactions a post receives, the better it will be for the News Feed Rankings. The Reactions are treated as popularity indicators for each post by Facebook. These Reactions also imply deeper level of user engagement. Posts with varied Reactions will be displayed higher in their News Feed.

YouTube Alterations

According to social media analytics Facebook native videos have beaten the YouTube videos in terms of popularity. YouTube videos are not engaging enough on Facebook as compared to Facebook native videos. The native videos had accounted for 84.47% of all videos on Facebook. Facebook videos garnered more Reactions than YouTube videos. In fact, a huge percentage of people are using videos on their profile which is also becoming a trend.

Another major change brought by YouTube is disabling annotations. No one will be able to add new annotations to YouTube videos or even edit the existing ones. They are only allowed to delete the existing annotations for videos. YouTube has done this for 2 vital reasons. End Screens has replaced annotations because people have taken to using mobile devices to view videos and the End Screens add thumbnail overlays during the last 5-20 seconds of the YouTube video. Both End Screens and Cards can be used to generate more revenue from mobile platforms to which YouTube surfing has shifted recently.

Pinterest Updates

Pinterest is expanding on Search Ads category. According to the latest update, the ads will appear directly when a user enters direct searches which was not possible earlier. They have collaborated with an ad company which enables retailers to provide feeds which are used to create streams of ads that are product specific in real time. This means that users have been empowered to search through several categories with increased potential products. For retailers, this ad time will be significant to get across the message. Also, they have added a couple of new features like buyable pins, advanced image search, re-marketing and custom audience tools.

The next update is quite interesting and useful too. It will enable Piners to perform visual search on Chrome extension. The users will not have to type a search query or visit Pinterest every time they want to run a search online. Simply install the Pinterest browser button for Chrome and you will leverage the updated feature.

LinkedIn Enhancements

LinkedIn’s mobile application now offers a host of photo editing tools. The profile picture posted on LinkedIn can be improved with the help of new filters. You can manually adjust the color settings by using the following options:

  • Classic

  • Prime

  • Studio

  • Spotlight

  • Guru

  • Edge

This means you will have to work less on your photographs and also that you do not require a professional photographer to get yourself clicked for getting the perfect profile picture for a job.

Twitter’s New Look

Tweet replies will be changed forever with the recent change to Twitter. Twitter will leave out the character count for names mentioned in tweets which will provide the liberty to use the space for pure message for 140 characters. Moreover, in replies the Twitter handle will appear below the account and above the actual tweet. Twitter has improved their filter on notifications and content. You will be able to mute accounts that use the default Twitter profile picture, accounts who email ids are not verified and also accounts that have invalidated phone numbers. You can also decide on the time span you want your tweet to feature on the social media platform and finally, Twitter is taking banishment of abusive content seriously. Last but not the least, Twitter has launched a paid version of Tweetdeck solely to be used by marketers to promote their brands.

All these updates for various social media platforms are geared towards making these platforms more proactive for users. These will become even more user-friendly and provide more value to the users.

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