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Six Stunning Chrome Extensions to Power Your Internet Use

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser all over the world. With its clean interface, easy integration to your workflow, plugins that add functionality and simple syncing with mobile devices, make it favorite among the users. Following are some of the main Chrome extensions by the professional web developers which can prove helpful to power your internet use.

LastPass- It is a password manager that helps your accounts secure and saves time filling out endless passwords. LastPass can create strong, unique passwords for all of your different online accounts, and remember them all for you – all you need to remember is your master password for LastPass.

Pocket- If you find yourself reading a lot of content from a lot of different websites, Pocket is an essential plugin for your browser. Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover, bookmark, and recommend the stories that interest you. Whether it’s a web article, product you might buy or just a link to access on another device. It is one of the most useful Chrome extensions out there.

Momentum- This extension adds a bunch of useful widgets to your new tab that should help you plan your day easily and reach your immediate goals. You’ll find a clock, the local weather, a to-do list and a customizable shortcut menu of links floating above a beautiful background image that changes every so often. All the elements in the interface can be tweaked to your liking. What’s especially neat is the ‘focus’ widget, which sits front and center, and displays your main goal for the day.

Bitmojis- When you just can’t put your thoughts into words, Bitmojis help portray your facial expressions and reactions.Bitmojis are personal emoji caricatures that evoke your personality and match almost every facial feature you can think of.

Taco- Turn Chrome's New Tab Page into a productivity center with Taco, a Chrome extension that pulls your incoming tasks and notifications from more than 40 Web tools and services. Taco works with a variety of services, such as Trello, Asana, Todoist, Webmail, Google Tasks and iCloud. Users can then drag and drop to organize the tasks list, mark tasks as done and hide notifications. It's a great way to see everything you need to do in one convenient page.

Grammarly- Grammarly can also be useful in day to day growth of your writing skills. The online-grammar check tool points out errors as you write and even suggest better vocab. Grammarly helps you find and fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Whether it’s an email, social media post, blog- this is a great tool to double check your work, especially if you have a small team of copy editors. Writers of the website development companies heavily rely on this extension.

One of the great things about Google Chrome is that it offers thousands of third-party extensions that developers have come up with to add features, boost performance, and fix problems. You can redefine the way you use the internet through these amazing Chrome extensions.

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