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Features of Angular 5

Some of the Intriguing Features of Angular 5 JS Framework

After making two massive upgrades, Google has released Angular 5 JavaScript framework. Despite the name consists 5, the Angular JS upgrade is the fourth release for the framework, that was initially called Angular JS and appeared in the year 2012. Missing the previous two launching dates scheduled on September 18 and October 23, 2017, Angular 5’s release took longer than expected.

The focus of Angular 5 was to make Angular faster again. The loading time has been improved by smaller bundles. The execution has been improved as well by optimizations at the compiler. For some projects, it is also important to note that the ng-upgrade is still in progress.

This allows AngularJS applications to be migrated smoothly to Angular and vice versa as Angular components can be embedded as downgrades in AngularJS applications. Stephen Fluin, Developer Advocate at Google said that Angular 5.0 is introduced with the motto to make it faster, lighter and easy to use. Apart from this Angular Team has made efforts to make progressive web apps easier on Angular 5.0 and added Material Design compatibilities.

What’s new in Angular 5.0?
  • The key features of Angular 5.0 are:
  • Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM Support
  • Immutable request/response objects
  • CLI v1.5 will create Angular 5 projects by default
  • Number, date and currency pipes update
  • Simpler Progressive Web Applications
  • Material Design and a new HttpClient
  • Post-request verification & flush based testing framework
  • Improved Compiler and Typescript
  • Angular Universal API and DOM
  • Router Hooks and a lifecycle events router
  • Progress events for both request upload and response download

Angular Universal focuses on helping developers to perform server-side rendering (SSR) of Angular applications. By rendering your Angular applications on the server and then bootstrapping on top of the generated HTML, you can add support for scrapers and crawlers that don’t support JavaScript, and you can increase the perceived performance of your application, Fluin explained.

The new version accurately supports new currency pipes, date and number that will expedite the standardization across browsers and eliminate the requirement for i18n polyfills. The pipes rely on the CLDR to offer extensive locale assistant and configuration for any locales you wish to support. In order to discard a greater number of polyfills, StaticInjector is used in place of ReflectiveInjector.

Angular is a full-stack framework that has solutions for almost each and every aspect of front-end development and comes with a huge, active and helpful community. This highly popular framework is continuously updating it from other frameworks.

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