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Steps SEO Services Company Follow to Bounce Back from Rank Drop

Ranking on the SERPs is an extremely tricky matter. They fluctuate a lot. If you have great results today, it does not mean that you will continuously get the best rank forever. A majority of the SEO professionals and business owners start contemplating on how their ranks dropped. However, there are several reasons behind it and sometimes rank drop is caused by the combination of these multiple reasons. However, not all is lost when your rank drops; you can still redeem yourself and your rank. How? Read on.

Penalty Note

This is the very first step for your rank fall. In case you have been penalized you will get a notification from Webmaster Tools. This is known as the manual penalty situation. Google is quite descriptive about the causes for manual penalty. Therefore, it is never a problem to find out what went wrong. However, the problem is to get rid of a manual penalty and that is what scares the SEO services company. In extreme cases, the pages get deleted and this situation is referred to as ‘Pure Spam Penalty’. In case, you do not find messages against your Webmaster Tools, there can be 2 causes. The first possibility is that Google has an updated algorithm and the second is that either you or any of your team member is responsible for the drop in SEO rankings.

Has Updated Algorithm from Google Affected Your Site?

Prior to revamping your entire SEO strategy, just make sure whether Google is responsible for the drop in rankings. Being assured of the reason is important otherwise you will spend a good amount of money and also several work hours trying to find the actual answer. The answer could range from an ordinary server error to an individual error in your ranking tracker. If these are not the reasons and if you have committed the mistakes, then these are the things you can do:

  • Access your Google Analytics

  • Sort pages that have gone through organic traffic.

  • Analyze traffic dynamics for those pages in detail

  • Review those pages to locate similarities and dissimilarities

  • Formulate a list of hypothetical reasons for organic traffic loss

Do check the Google Search Console to compare data that you have found through reviews. Pay particular attention to a chosen group of keywords, impressions and clicks. This must be followed by manual analysis of keywords in search results. Have you tracked a mismatch between Google Analytics, Google search results and Google Search Console? Then, you should probably analyze the data even more efficiently. If all 3 are showing a difference, then there might be a tectonic shift in the algorithm. As a result, your SEO strategy should be adjusted accordingly.

Evaluate the Structure and Usability of Your Website

Clumsy websites are a strict no for both search crawlers and for users. Perplexing call to action ( CTA) feature, lengthy conversion forms and outdated visual elements are certain features making your website appear clumsy. Even load time contributes to the pathetic ranks. An SEO professional should collaborate with developers, designers and usability experts and get the problems fixed from an SEO standpoint. The top priority here is to ensure easy navigation and lesser load time for the website. The purpose of SEO is to:

  • Ensure that each page gets crawled and indexed

  • Proper interlinking between inner pages

  • Maintaining high-quality backlinks

  • Making search engine friendly content

  • Optimizing URL structure

  • Dealing with duplicate pages

The usability and structure of a website are tricky matters which can cause a drop in rankings any time. Communicating with your designer or developer will provide a clearer idea of what happened. Some of the causes could be:

  • Placing unoptimized content

  • Altering the URL of page

  • Deleted vital content

  • Altered the design of the page

  • Added an interfering pop-up triggering high bounce rate

  • Damaged internal linking structure and backlinks

  • Eliminated targeted keywords from tags and content

Avoid such grievous mistakes.

Analyze Your Competition

Competition is a valid reason for SEO rank drops. Your team may have done a good job but your competitors were just better. If you think your competition has beaten you, run an analysis to find out what is it that they are doing. They might have managed to get a high-quality link from a valuable resource.

Conduct Content Audit

SERPs are influenced by content in a major way. With clear, precise and niche based content, it will be easier to categorize your content so that it gets better ranks. Moreover, content is responsible for better engagement and thus to improve your CTR click-through rate) and reduce bounce rate, relevant content is necessary. Content also brings backlinks; the better the backlink resource, the better the ranks on SERPs.

Conduct Detailed Backlink Analysis

Backlinks from trustworthy resources will push better website ranks. If that high-quality resource performs “noindex”, “nofollow” or simply deletes the link by stopping link juice flow, that might cause a drop in the rank. Also, backlink analysis will tell you if your website has suffered site wide link drop or deletion of links from several sites altogether. Evaluate your page for structure, content and visual elements to locate the point. After all that is done, try to recover the links by asking the site owners to backlink you again and updating the affected pages according to the required points.

Website Code Evaluation

Sometimes, even developers can commit mistakes resulting in rank drop. These are some of the mistakes:

  • When developers forget to provide access in robot.txt

  • When developers forget to index and follow a specific page

  • When developers place the 301 redirect incorrectly

Rankings can drop due to these reasons and to find out about these, you have to work with an SEO professional. By analyzing your campaign step by step, you will be able to locate the actual problem leading to downfall. After you find those points, try to redeem yourself and the SEO rankings.

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