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Facebook Local

The Launch of Facebook Local & How Experts are Viewing It

Facebook introduced an app named Event last year. The app was designed to act as a dedicated calender with happenings around town. Event was unable to gain loyalty and mass-market appeal from the users. It turned as an unsuccessful venture for the social media giant. But Facebook treated the failure as a learning curve and have taken out the technical glitches and introduced a revamped app called Facebook Local.

What exactly Facebook Local app is-

Facebook Local is a re-branded and updated version of its previous standalone Events app. It gives users a single place to find restaurants, bars, cafes and nearby activities but also folds in friends’ reviews of the places they might want to go. In the view of the social media optimization experts, users can enjoy the best of both worlds of Yelp and Foursquare. Facebook Local app will combine calendar and event listings and this aspect could turn the social media platform closer to apps like “Foursquare” and “Yelp” that search-and-discover and provide those results for its users locally. The app is already available for download on both Android and iOS.

What users can do with Facebook Local-

  •  Users can easily find the best places to visit, exciting things they can do, get the information about awesome eating places- and all the information comes from their trusted Facebook community.
  • The app will also give you the reminder on the significant event of the day happening near you including reviews, photos and locations shared from friends' check-ins.

  • Ability to search for events, places and activities in another city or neighborhood.

  •  Browse timely Guides to find events, places and things to do by category.

  • See vent invitations you haven’t responded to at the top of your calendar.

  • Facebook Local offers trending events feed, guides to music, nightlife, art, and other happenings, and options to see everything going on certain days.

How experts are viewing Facebook Local-

  •  Most of the social media optimization pundits are adopting a wait and watch stance when it comes to predicting the success of Facebook Local. Previously when Facebook launched their Event app, there was a huge expectation about the success of the app but it turned out to be a complete misadventure. Social media experts are saying it is too early to comment on how far Facebook Local will succeed in capturing mass-appeal and acceptance.

  •  One point that all social media marketers are agreeing that the Facebook Local will give tough competition to Yelp and Foursquare. As the Facebook Local app’s power and potential scale come from the company’s 70 million business pages, it is not hard to accept that it is firmly positioned in terms of database power. The company’s asset is its massive user-base that can turn the table in the favor of Facebook.

  • Yelp and Foursquare have long been the ruler, and the users are quite comfortable using them. Shifting their loyalty to a completely new app that was previously rejected and now presenting with few new features can be overwhelming although the name Facebook is attached with it. According to a social media optimization pro, Facebook is trying to present old wine in a new bottle. It is going to be really tough for the company to win the user’s heart and detach their dependency from Yelp. The app has to offer something absolutely mind-boggling in order to gain acceptance otherwise it is going to be really hard to replace the overwhelming influence of Yelp and Foursquare.

Final Thought-

Facebook is renowned for coming out with spectacular ideas to make our life even more exciting and drawing people together. Although the success of their new venture is yet to be seen, we can assume that Facebook has tried its level best to serve us in the most prolific way through their recently launched app Facebook Local.

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