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The Types of Featured Snippets & How to Earn Them

In its effort to offer more accurate and valuable result for a particular search result, Google has come up with a fantastic feature called Featured Snippets. It is a summary or an answer to a user query or question that is entered into a search engine. The result is shown in Google’s special featured snippet block which can be located at the top of a results page. The snippet displays content from within one of the pages ranking on page one that directly answers the question searched for without the user having to visit the actual page.

The development history of Featured Snippets-

In 2014, Google released Featured Snippets for better user experience. Prior to that, it developed the Answer Box and the Knowledge Graph. However, with these two – results came from Google’s own database while Featured Snippets rely on third-party sources. And that changed the whole SEO game.

Source: semrush.com

Types of Featured Snippets-

There are three major types of Featured Snippets can be found

  1. Paragraph: According to a research conducted by Get Stat, the most common form of featured snippet out there is the Paragraph Snippets. However, they are also the most competitive.

  2. List: For some search queries Google may decide that a text may not be the best way to transfer knowledge and use a table or list instead. If this is the case, Google will still take the data from the linked page, even if the data itself is not structured. Lists can also show a picture.

  3. Table: Extract content included in

    HTML tags. Include a direct link to the site’s URL. The table snippet is an excellent way to display larger quantities of information and data. List snippets are perfect for displaying instructions.

    How to Earn a Featured Snippet- Google creates featured snippets at their own discretion. No matter what you do from an SEO perspective you can’t force the creation of the featured snippet. Google uses its own algorithm to determine the page containing the most likely answer to the user’s question, then displays it as a Featured Snippet. Featured Snippet procedure:

    1. Identify a common, simple question related to your market area.

    2. Provide a clear and direct answer to the question.

    3. Offer value added info beyond the direct answer.

    4. Make it easy for users (and Google) to find on your page.

    You need to keep in mind that it would be impossible to get your featured snippets on the search query unless your page ranks on page one. Featured snippets don’t seem to be influenced by organic ranking position, with URLs lower down the first page of the SERPs able to gain snippets. This presents a huge opportunity for smaller brands in competitive SERPs, where domain authority alongside quality content is the key driver of organic visibility.

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