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Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Logo for Your Company

From Nike's "swoosh" symbol to the peacock depicted in the television network NBC, world’s famous companies take great care of their logos. A cleverly crafted logo is the single most visible manifestation of any company. From branding to creating positive buzz among the people, a logo is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing tool for any business. When people see an eye-catching logo on advertisements or promotional products, they remember it, this greatly drives their buying choice.

However, having just any logo that is crafted without much thinking and purpose will not be able to bring in the success you have desired. Logos must be carefully designed and well-thought out. Here are few important things to keep in mind when designing logo-

Identify the Purpose-

The most important aspect while designing the logo is to figure out the purpose it will serve. A logo can portray the services you offer, products you sell or simply the motto of your company. It’s up to you to decide the aspects you want to emphasise. For example, if you are looking at the logo of Continental Tyres you could see the company has projected the product they sell through their logo. The C and O letters at the beginning of the word shape a tyre, that Continental produces. On the other hand, if you see the logo of Flight Finder you could locate a picture of a plane in between the letter F. The service that the company offers to the public is displayed by is simple yet stunning logo. Being a business owner you need to be absolutely clear about what your company stands for and what services and products it offers. Logos are the chief visual component of an organization's overall brand identity, that’s why it must be designed with proper care and attention to details.

Who are Your Target Audience-

It makes no sense designing anything without having the knowledge for whom it is design, which segment of market you are targeting, and which group of people’s attention you want to capture. Businesses often play it fast-and-loose with logos, paying insufficient attention to their target audience. If you are targeting kids, try to make use of cartoon characters, cars, toys, and other things that they love. If you look at the logo of Toys "R" Us all the letters are used in a way to attract kids. The "Я" character, found in many fonts, is of Cyrillic origin. It is a highly creative logo with immense attractiveness. The 'HotWheels' logo is another example where all the letters are written in a bold way in order to eradicate the difficulty of reading it, perfect for kids. We are not suggesting you to blindly follow the famous logos, but you could take inspiration and guidance from them to craft your company’s emblem. For teenage audience, try to make logos that are more funky and ambiguous. Young generation loves this trend. For mature audience, you could go for full name like companies such as, Visa, Nokia and FedEx did with their logo or you could go more creative like the logos of Standard Chartered bank or American express. Segregating the target audience and age group are essential part of designing a logo.

You could Project Your History-

Logos give a remarkable platform to tell the history of your company in a meaningful way. The three ovals in the Toyota logo are linked in a horizontally symmetrical layout are furnishing the company's history of producing automotive looms. The emblem portrays a thread in the needle’s eye. The entire design is immaculately conceptualized. Although this concept can only be adopted by the businesses who are in the market for a long time, but there is no hard and fast rule that new companies can’t follow is trend.

People are more responsive to visual images than text and a logo interpretes your brand through image. This could lead to increase sales and amazing popularity within the target market.

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