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Twitter Opening New Doors for Social Media Marketing

Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms and is capable of creating a powerful impact on the readers. Therefore, it has taken a step forward to offer paid version of TweetDeck for brands, marketers and those users who want to utilize it to exercise power. This is a premium version and is anticipated to be useful for all those who are looking to create a mark in any industry leveraging this platform. This is still in pen and paper and is yet to take shape.

Twitter as reported, has already started a survey to measure the interest of users in terms of potential pricing and useful features. Since this is yet to be made and hit the block, it is obviously important for the builders of this platform to comprehend and know about the possible pros and cons of the tool. As of now, TweetDeck will continue to be free and the new features will be added and will be displayed in the paid version whenever it will be in place. The paid version will be made with the objective of providing additional benefits to those who are looking to use this platform for social media marketing.

The paid version will consist of tools to provide marketers with analytics on best performing tweets, various kinds of alerts and trending topics.

What Twitter had to Say

According to Twitter, they are contemplating to offer advanced TweetDeck experience with potent tools to aid for journalists, marketers and for other professionals belonging to a particular community looking to get fastest updates and insights on whatever is happening around the world. They can also find out how people are reacting to what they are seeing on the updated deck. This deck will be designed to derive more information on current affairs. It can also be used for the purpose of work. The main objective behind this is to provide more user value out of Twitter.

The selected tool set will offer valuable posting, viewing and indicating tools like trends, alerts, advanced analytics and activity analysis for users. Composing and posting tools will also be facilitated in a customizable dashboard. The motive of Twitter is to provide people with a proper tool to follow trends and updates in the field of multiple interests. This will also help in growing a fan following and developing better quality content and information in real-time.

Some additional features will be provided with the tool and those will be:

  • Monitoring tools for multiple timelines from multiple accounts and devices

  • Advanced reader insights and analytics

Twitter had conducted a survey to measure the interest of the users to use the tool and they asked to indicate the interest in a range of options. They had mentioned the latest features in the survey so that everything could be understood properly before reaching a decision.

  • Easy availability of pre-populated user and influencer list by interest topic.

  • Advanced tools for custom trend analysis

  • Latest publishing features, for instance, drafting, collaboration or scheduling

  • Personalized summaries, news and alerts

  • Capacity to manage more than one Twitter accounts

  • Cross posting to various social media platforms

  • Analysis tools for comprehending topics or conversation on Twitter

  • Customer support for exclusive priority

  • Some more account activity details will be also provided

  • Advanced tools for managing and making custom audience lists

There is a lot of potential in this tool for marketers. However, all of them have to wait before it gets made and released for all of them to use it.

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