OCTYPE html> Two Major Announcement By Google, Personalized Advertising & the Launch of Uptime App
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Two Major Announcement By Google, Personalized Advertising & the Launch of Uptime App

The value of Gmail is unquestionable, both for G Suite users and for users of free consumer Gmail service. Gmail is the world’s most popular email provider with a user base of more than 1.2 billion. In a recent announcement made by the Google, it is going to integrate both enterprise version of Gmail and consumer version of Gmail.

The company has focused to align its ads personalization section. The search giant announced that it would stop personalizing advertising based on emails in part to more closely align its free Gmail service with the paid email service it is offering to companies through its G Suite service.

Diane Greene, Google’s senior VP for Google Cloud, says the company made this decision because it “brings Gmail ads in line with how we personalize ads for other Google products.”

Generally ads are displayed based on the settings of a particular user. Changes can be made to this settings at any time. A Gmail account holder has the option to disable ads personalization altogether in the account settings section. G Suite and Gmail users can be sure of hundred percent security of their data as Google gives top priority to ensure high-end privacy and data security for their users.

Although the Google will not stop showcasing advertisements in the consumer version of Gmail, the entire move will definitely affect the people who use Google as their favorite advertising platform. Once the change rolls out, ads will be less targeted. Users are definitely going to appreciate this move from Google.

The launch of Google’s new app Uptime-

Along with rolling out new policies for add personalization, Google has also launched an app named Uptime. This app lets users watch YouTube videos in real time with their friends, share their favorite YouTube videos and add stickers, "sparkles," hearts and snarky comments.

Features of Uptime-

The app is packed with features quite identical with popular social networking sites. The Home screen of Uptime is totally revamped and gives users the pleasure of looking at a fresh screen. Following are the features of Uptime:

  • Friend Lists

  • Watch Histories

  • Video Sharing In Feeds

  • Support For Music Videos

  • Friend Finding Option via Facebook

The limitations of Uptime-

The app is not without its limitations. Here we are pointing out some of the key down-points of this newly released app and hope Google will come out with a plan to resolve them.

  1. Uptime is only available for the iPhone, there's no Android or web version of Uptime at present

  2. The app has a goofy, whimsical look

  3. Offers no option to record video or to stream live, it only lets you share clips from YouTube

  4. Finding an invite code is hard

According to the market experts rather than promoting Uptime as a stand-alone product, Google should integrate it into YouTube. This way Uptime may receive more appreciation from the users.

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