OCTYPE html> Use 360 Degree Effect to Surf Photos 365 Days of the Year
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360-Degree Photos

Use 360 Degree Effect to Surf Photos 365 Days of the Year

The other day I was flipping through a gallery of photos on a social media application when one thing struck me; this can get monotonous. The moment this feeling dawned on me, I was looking for new and interesting ways to flip through photographs when I stumbled upon the 360 degree photos and videos and it immediately grabbed my attention. I thought to myself that it is interesting and ended up feeling amazed, superb and entertained. In one word, it was wow!

Freely Moving Photos and Videos

After going through this whole whirlwind of emotions and feelings, I decided to know more on the feature which led me to do more research on this and I found some interesting facts about it. They are:

  • Creating an Array of Images- The first and foremost among the facts is that it can transform normal panoramic photos into more entertaining ones by arranging them in an array.
  • Multidimensional Effect- A simple image or a set of images can be scrolled up, down and around by using this feature which obviously provides a multidimensional visual treat.
  • Effective for laymen and also for experts- In case, you are using a high-end camera to click photos, two 180 degree photos can be stitched together to achieve the 360 degree effect. This process is easy for both the categories of people who know it and the ones who do not have any idea about it.

Smart Thinkers on 360 Degree Visual Effect

While I experienced the first benefit, I arrived at the second one regarding this cool aspect of publishing photos and videos which is its use in social media marketing. This is the buzz phrase now and people surf the internet 24/7 nowadays. Just imagine how interesting it will be when we all see our photos and videos doing fantastic rounds on our computer systems and smart phones. What more?! It can be done for free using certain applications. According to experts and also smart thinkers, this idea has been taken from the established fact that, ‘the earth is round.’

Relatively New but Social Media Friendly

This is a relatively new feature but it is considered to be extremely social media friendly. Why? Well, firstly because it translates into faster engagement of the viewers.

  • Beating Competition- This means reaching out to the user base in a more vivid manner and beating the competition which is something everyone wants, isn’t it?
  • Offer Thrilling Experience to the Traveler- This feature is great for a travel and tourism website because they can take the potential traveler on a tour of the place which can be thrilling.
  • Upholding the Cultural Aspect- It is also effective in showcasing a company’s social and cultural side to the world and build a brand.

It is a fantastic medium to showcase newly launched products and get potential buyers interested in the products. Also, who said that it always should serve a big organization? Use it for your personal purpose and showcase some your paintings or designs on it to garner accolades and also rewards. Making a fantastic video for your kid and displaying his/her talents sounds like an interesting idea. Doesn’t it?

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