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Web Development Trends Focus on UI and UX Modification Users

Technology is dynamic and being at the top of this industry as a developer demands that you keep yourself updated. So many developments are released every week which can be confusing. With the present year just starting out, there is already an influx of web development updates which are setting the trends for web development this year. Here are some of the updates that will lay the pavement for the industry:

  • AI- AI or Artificial Intelligence is not a dream now, it has already become a part of our reality. Google and Wikipedia have been using this mechanism since long time and also the software is being used by other companies to replicate manpower. More developers will develop such software programs in the future to widen the scope of technological advancement. AI is already used for web design successfully.

  • Evolution of JavaScript- JavaScript is the way to go if you wish to be in web development industry. It is the most popular programming language and also the most relevant one. Full stack developers are using this technology to the fullest. Also, TypeScript has arisen out of nowhere to become famous. It helps in compiling JavaScript.

  • The Internet- The Internet is moving fast from our mobile phones to household appliances. It has seeped into out daily lives and we are trying to control everything through the applications. It has reached to our kitchens as well where we can set timers for kettles through Internet applications. For instance, Marc Zuckerberg controls his entire home through his own AI-bot which runs through his home. The Internet is expanding and encroaching into our homes.

  • Static Site Generators- The popularity of static site generators has increased and it is quite simple. The static site generators enable one to avoid databases while creating websites. It also provides several advantages like easy deployment, better security and faster load time. As APIs and CDNs are becoming the norm, static site generators such as Jekyll are becoming more popular.

  • Bots & Conversational UI- Bots make our lives easy and our experiences more personable. The Chat Bots are supporting customers by residing in the product. These are going to boost sales, solve customer issues and also offer help when required. This is the year of conversational commerce and messaging platforms are rapidly becoming popular. Conversational UI will become the most important tool for designers and developers. Bots are smarter, more sophisticated and offer a wide range of abilities.

  • Ruby on Rails 5- Rails 5 will become even more popular throughout 2017. It offers loads of features like Turbolinks 5 that is quickly making it a firm favorite among web developers. It facilitates creation of single page applications to the developers. With the latest version, the framework fiddles with the background while the overall appearance of the website is focused on Rails.

  • Motion UI- The latest version of Motion UI functions on flexible CSS patterns with every kind of JavaScript libraries and facilitates seamless integration of animation into websites. The sites are living nowadays with the Motion UI offering an amazing experience to the users.

  • Gen Next Angular JS- This one is supposed to get tweaked and updated every 6 months therefore, providing developers with endless possibilities of using the cutting edge technology to build latest technology. It is compatible with videos, animation and also with non-static documents.

Web development trends for 2017 focuses more on introducing modifications to the UI and UX. Each and every feature is geared towards making life easier for all of us. It is the job of a web developer to make the apps more user-friendly and effortless.

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