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Why Kotlin Is A Brilliant Addition To The Android Language Family

At the recently concluded Google I/O conference, the search engine giant Google has announced that Android development would now fully support Kotlin. It is an exciting news that will surely open up new vistas in the field of OS, supporting new techniques for developers and more.

What is Kotlin?

It is a statically-typed programming language that runs on the JVM. It can also be compiled to JavaScript source code. Kotlin is 100% inter-operable with Java™ enabling developers to consume their previous Java code and libraries in their Kotlin code. It Signifies that they can use Java frameworks and even mix commands from both in their code without any limitations. It perfectly matches the spirit of Android along with providing developers what they want. Comes under Apache 2, Kotlin is an open source project.

Exciting features of Kotlin-

  • Apart from being an open source programming language, Kotlin doesn’t ask much when it comes to converting existing Java code, it happens with a single-click tool.

  • Inter-operable with Java, if developers want to use Kotlin class in their Java class than just create the object for that class as they normally create in Java thereafter start using it.

  • Avoid entire classes of errors such as null pointer exceptions. By default all the object are null safe so they will not accept null as a value.

  • Through the extension functions in Kotlin, developers can add methods to classes without making changes to their source code.

  • Drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate code.

  • Kotlin has many optimizations which, specifically, help Android development.

  • Kotlin is designed to run as a native code on Macs, iOS, and perfectly complies with a JavaScript for website development.

Java is a popular choice for Android development for many years, but it has become error-prone, verbose, old and has been slow to modernize. That’s why Kotlin ecosystem is flourishing so rapidly. It offers a standalone experience to developers all over the world and a great addition to Android family.

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