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What benefits do you offer?
  • All client details and project information are kept confidential at NITS.
  • Payment modules based on project progress.
  • Minimum 60-65 per cent cost-effectiveness over on-site development.
What kind of employees you have?
  • Our NITS family is composed of technically sound professionals who attended premier educational institutes and having extensive experience in handling US, Australian and European clients.
  • Before hiring anyone, we perform a thorough reference check on an individual.
How do you quote your price for a job?

Our rates vary depending on factors like, scope of a job, skill sets it requires and its scheduled timeline, etc.

How do you assure your quality?

We have implemented formal measures to keep quality under check, which include periodic code review and design walk-through.

What controls will I have over my project at its development stage?

We emphasise on absolute transparency in delivering projects and thus, our customers enjoy full control over their projects. Our assigned project manager interacts as single-point-of-contact with a client that proves helpful in resolving issues.