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Sanook Bids

About Project

Sanookbids is a web based platform which support three type of auction i)Penny Auction ii)Lowest Unique Bid Auction iii)Bonanza (Reverse Auction) User get 5 free bids on signup to platform. To place more bids user need to buy bid from platform based on bid package. User have flexibility to set auto bid by selecting start and end price with number of bid. User can buy auction directly from platform and will get discount price of 10* number of bid place on that particular auction.



Message Club is an app that allows users to book SPA session with their favorite Masseuse. The iOS version of the app is built on Objective C, Android version is built using Java and the website is created using CakePHP. The format of Message Club is simple, yet thorough. Along with session gifting feature, users can search by their desired time and date, location, service and price range.