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Dev Extreme Development

Top-Notch User Interface Development Process to Suit Valued Users

“Qualitative UI Development Services of Nat IT Solved Based on DevExtreme”

If your targeted audiences are hi-tech tablets and Smartphone users or from the places like: Texas, Seattle, Vancouver, Illinois, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, etc., then go for enriched and pertinent front end user interface application development services with Dev-extreme, offered by Nat IT Solved. United with functional and flexible single codebase, it perfectly creates native client applications. Its single page application framework is suitable for ever other operating system like: iOS, android and windows.

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Gainful Components:

  • HTML 5 grid assuring full control
  • Integrated data management
  • Flexible data navigation with built-in page
  • Filtered search panel
  • Safe data validation, binding, export and representation
  • Supportive scrolling modes
  • Brilliant touch-optimized occurrence
  • Furnished widgets
  • Reusable, etc.

Nat IT Solved is Recommended For You Because:

  • Skilful veterans and fresh talents of the entity is finely acquainted with DevExtreme framework and its API
  • Gathering the beneficial Single Page Application (SPA) framework becomes easier and quicker
  • Suitable implementation of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for every other advanced technological device
  • Outstanding user interface modification
  • Fetching out the gainful traits of PhoneGap
  • Acquire the benefits of custom item templates, infinite paging, kinetic scrolling, etc.
  • Ethical and punctual project delivery assurance
  • Helpful guidance at every stage, etc.

Find all the innate benefits of this platform by hiring our superbly talented, steadfast and passionate workforce.

We would moderately solve all your crucial necessities in a most affordable way.

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